Customer Testimonials

We love to receive feedback on our products, especially when someone has made the journey to synthetic-free and discovered the incredible skin benefits of our certified natural products. The testimonials below are just a sample of the great comments and product reviews we receive. For more, check out our reviews on Facebook
My skin just completely adores your products
Hello there, I just got a minute to write, so I really wanted to tell you something.  I had a baby a few years back and I thought I’d better get some skincare products that are safe for my baby.  So I searched online and found you guys.  My skin LOVED all the products, so I was really happy, but when it ran out, as my son was a bit older as well, and because it was more pricey than I was used to, I just went back to my old skincare products I was using pre-baby.  OMG I cannot tell you how much I suffered….!! I had breakouts instantly and my skin was SOOOOOOOO super unhappy!! I had a few different choices and some of them were supposed to be non-chemical or organic stuff too, but none of them could make my skin happy again.  Previously I had thought it was due to my busy work/travel schedule etc… or you know, the lifestyle, diet, sleep etc… but nope! This must have been what I needed! So I changed back to Living Nature again and within one cycle of wash/lotion/moisturise and sleep later, BANG!!! My skin was just perfect again!!! Clear and smooth and all that jazz. Its just freaking amazing!! My skin just completely adores your products.
– Miho
Thankful I found your products 
During 2013 and 2014 I had surgery and treatment for breast cancer. I used your skin moisturiser during radiation…  The radiation technicians said “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”. The specialist doctor said “if I didn’t know you’d had radiation, I’d never guess by looking at your skin. I remain thankful I found your products.
I chose your moisturiser being because it has no added nasties.
– Rosie
Converted to Living Nature!
After visiting your premises late January this year, I am definitely converted to using Living Nature products – my skin has possibly never looked as clean, hydrated and balanced before. Your products are great and really good for the skin.
Jan – New Zealand
Love the lipsticks!
I love your lipsticks and own three shades that I use everyday. I have also purchased a couple of different shades as gifts for my family. Both my daughter and Mum loved their Living Nature gifts! Thanks for such a fantastic product, created so ethically.
LD – New Zealand
Sensitive Skin Range
The more you use the Sensitive Skin range the more lovelier your skin becomes, someone has already commented on how good I look. This is amazing as I have mature skin, I am 52! Thank you so much for creating it, I have not found anything else on the market that can compare with your magic potion!
Antoinette – NZ
I was really excited to see Living Nature’s new Sensitive Skin range. As I have sensitive skin I am always on the look out for any new products for this skin range. I have used many products for sensitive skin over time but usually they didn’t do what they say they would or I reacted to them. I decided to order the Living Nature sensitive samples to trial the product. The samples were great with no reaction so I decided to purchase the range. The redness in my skin has reduced heaps and the product is so light and easy to use.
I am so pleased I found this product.
Geoff – NZ 
I ordered a tester of the Harakeke & Organic Coconut oil moisturiser, toner and cleanser and I received it in the mail today (Sensitive Skin Sample Envelope). I tired the moisturiser and I just wanted to send you an email to tell you how much I absolutely love it! My face is so smooth and soft and not oily at all. Such a great product!
Emma – NZ
The way it is meant to be
I love the products, and it is such a plus that 100% natural can be such perfect quality. The way it was always meant to be!
Amber – NZ
Living Nature worldwide!
I started using Living Nature many years ago when they first appeared in Australia. Since then I have moved overseas, and I have struggled to find any other product as good in addressing my skin eeds, especially its dryness. Now I order them online!
Anneli – Switzerland
Great products for skin in cold climates
I also want to say I absolutely love the products I have ordered. I use the (Ultra) nourishing mask like a face cream; I don’t rinse it off. It is wonderful for my 46 year-old skin in our harsh Canadian climate. And the scent of the Vitalising Cleanser is beautiful.
Roberta, Manitoba – Canada
Better skin than other 72 year olds!
Dear Living Nature, I have been using your products for over 10 years, and I’m sure my skin looks better than other 72 year old friends of mine. Thank you so much.
Liz, Taupo – NZ
Smooth and balanced skin with Vitalising Cleanser
I am a big fan of your Vitalising Cleanser and Manuka Honey Gel. It’s my most favorite cream cleanser and blemish spot treatment. It’s my most favorite cream cleanser because when I first I had really dry, irritated skin and within a week or week and a half of just using the Vitalising Cleanser my skin when from dry and irritated to smooth and balanced out and even toned. Something amazing for just a cleanser to accomplish. And recently when I ran out of my eye makeup remover I used this and it did a really good job of removing my eye makeup. Although I do plan for your eye makeup remover to be my next Living Nature purchase.
Renae, Christchurch – NZ
Living Nature Men’s product a skin saver
I have been using your Men’s Moisturiser for nearly a year and I have been meaning to write to you.
I have suffered from Rosacea of maybe 20 years and I have been amazed by the effect that Living Nature had on the condition. Having barely held this disfiguring and progressive condition at bay with a combination of antibiotics and metronidazole for 20 years I would now class myself as effectively free it.
The antibacterial qualities of your Manuka Honey based moisturiser are worthy of more promotion… In any case, very best wishes for the future. I hope you guys thrive. Thank you.
Tony, NZ
Delighted to discover Living Nature lipsticks and new Lip Hydrator
Thanks for sending the lipsticks & hydrators to us – we got them yesterday and the girls love them! Very subtle colours but makes it very suitable for work/ daytime. The lip hydrator underneath ensures a smooth finish!
Juliette, NZ
The wonder of Harakeke and our Extra Hydrating Toning Gel to hydrate and soothe
I am 46 year old woman and the one beauty product I would not like to do without is your Harekeke Extra Hydrating Gel. I love the feel of it as it goes on after cleansing.  It immediately revives my skin puts moisture back in and refreshes my skin. I recommend it to everyone who compliments me on my skin.  Putting this gel on any dry areas of skin on the body does wonders.  My 16 year old son had a severe case of sunburn on his face and he desperately wanted to put something cooling and soothing on.  We tried a number of creams etc they all stung his skin and we had to wash them off.  Then I tried the hydrating gel and he raved about it and just kept putting more on continuously it felt so good for him. He put it on all the time until his sunburn was over. I just wanted to let you know what a great product this is and that I found it helpful to soothe sunburn.
Renee, NZ
Nothing else works as well as Manuka Honey Gel!
We rely on your Manuka Honey Gel a lot in my family, my daughters (whenever they have a wee blemish) seems to work magic on lots of things, minor skin irritations or burns, but most importantly for me it is the only thing that stops a coldsore from developing into a nasty sore!
Judy, NZ
Keeping skin radiant with Radiance Night Oil
So relieved to receive the Radiance Night Oil yesterday.  I’d been without it for about six weeks with being overseas, and then running out.  My skin just soaks it up – I love it!  Great product.
Melissa, NZ
Just loving Precious and Living Nature Bronzer!!!!
Hi there at Living Nature…I am writing to you to inform you of how brilliant your Lipsticks and Lip Pencils are…..I am an avid user of both…..The Lipsticks are great as they do not taste of anything and keep your lips moist when in use and the colour stays on and always looks great!!!!….I have had many people comment and have asked what I use…..The new Lipstick, Precious, is a fabulous colour….I was even asked if I had had my lips enhanced, my answer to that was the only enhancement I have had is the new Lipstick, named Precious by Living Nature!!!!……All the colours are just what we need…they cover a great spectrum…..Well done….I have obviously tried other Lipsticks…but nothing sticks quite as good to my lips as the Living Nature Lipstick!!!!…awesome!!!! Your product is sensational….P.S…..Bronzer is awesome too….I love to use it as a blusher…Looks mint!!!!
Emma, NZ
Ultra Rich Body Cream a gardener’s delight!
After trying the Ultra Rich Body Cream for a few weeks I’m still impressed as I was on my first application. This is a great body lotion but it is a gardener that it really impresses me. It would have to be the best hand lotion I think I’ve ever tried. It soothes my rough sore hands immediately. It’s not one of those creams that leaves your hands feeling drier than they did before you put it on and it doesn’t leave a heavy, greasy coating that makes my hands sweat either.
So thanks again for the chance to try it. I will be buying more.
Therese, Waikato NZ
Short and sweet
Living Nature products make skin and face care such a pleasure, so relaxing and restoring.
Much Appreciated
Anne, Australia 
A little order recovery goes a long way
Thank you SO much – I hadn’t expected this response!  I have no doubt the issue has nothing to do with Living Nature – and probably a LOT to do with Australia Post.  However, as you can see from my email, unless I can give them an Australia Post tracking number they tell me there’s nothing they can do for me.  Nice.

I gave the NZ tracking number which I thought may have been of assistance – but it is not, they say.

Anyway, thank you kindly for your generosity.  I love your products and always recommend them to friends.  Your company’s commitment to gorgeous products AND sustainability means I have no hesitation in purchasing any of them!
Kathy, Australia
Delighted with the service
I just wanted to throw a compliment your way.
I have been dealing with Jacqui the last couple of days, she has organised the express post of products for me to Brisbane. My local stockists do not have much of a range and I leave for Europe very soon and could not wait for the normal delivery times. This arrangement she did for me entirely via email which I greatly appreciate as due to the nature of my work I do not have scope to make personal phone calls. The emails and service were highly comprehensive, she gave me several courier options and tailored the service to my individual needs.  She has arranged to have this package with me by Tuesday next week at the latest which is outstanding.
Anna, Brisbane AU
Tinted Moisturisers do the trick
I recently had a severe allergic reaction to a BB Cream and am going completely natural with my skincare and cosmetics. Living Nature are one of the few that are truly natural and don’t use nasty preservatives. I’ve done my research and I want to support a company that is honest and that is New Zealand.
Thank you so much for the samples. I am definitely somewhere in between the two colours but the Daylight as you suggested is by far the best option for me. Looks really nice and natural without that heavy makeup feel …love it!!  So I’ll be ordering some products online in the coming week.
Again, thank you – best customer service ever!
Michelle, NZ
Magic Manuka Honey for blemishes
I have started using the Manuka Honey Gel for blemishes and have found this absolutely magical almost!  What an amazing product.  I am almost 46 and have rosecea on the middle of face with the chin suffering blemishes. My son is 16 and he has just started using it also.  Does this product come in a bigger size larger than 10mls.  With both of us using it, it will be empty before we know it!
Michelle, NZ
Another use for Magic Manuka Honey Gel
Thought you might be interested in a new use for the honey gel I have found: I get lumps in my ears and soreness with some earrings but the gel reduces the lump and passing the post through it reduces the pain and soreness!
Anna, UK – Author and speaker on a healthier you
Fabulous for post-op skin recovery!
Love the shampoo and conditioner!
Just out of very dry hospital room following surgery, and my skin benefited greatly from the mature skin range.
Varvara, NZ
In love with Morning Sun lipstick
The product:
Velvety, creamy and highly pigmented, this lipstick in the shade ‘Morning Sun’ is a beautiful, crisp, warm lipstick colour, which will complete your Autumn make up look perfectly. I would describe the colour as a burnt orange, almost tomato red. When I first looked at the colour, I didn’t think it would do any favors for my fair complexion, as I normally wear deep reds. However, the colour worked really well for me, and it also looked great on my friend who has a much more olive skin tone. The colour pay off is incredible not to mention long lasting. I do not wear a lip liner underneath the lipstick, yet it still stays put (even after my morning Starbucks fix!). I have tried other natural lipsticks and have been disappointed as I often find they have a grainy texture which can sometimes build up on the lips. However, Living Nature has really perfected their lipstick formula. It glides effortlessly onto your lips and is incredibly smooth to apply.
Like all the other Living Nature products, this lipstick has a pleasant scent, and is packaged in a simple, yet chic, little black box. Price wise, this lipstick is a little more expensive than what you would pay for any other mainstream make up brand coming in at $40 NZD. Considering it is 100% natural, and you do not have to constantly re-apply it, I think it is definitely worth the price tag, and it is no more than what you would pay for other make up brands such as MAC.
I am in love with this lipstick! It looks amazing when used in conjunction with Living Nature’s ‘Soft Lights Illuminating Tint’ and a bronze eye shadow palette. The product’s staying power is great, and I think this particular shade will compliment a wide range of skin tones. I really have no complaints about this product. 10/10! Caitlin – Bare Beauty (click here for her blog)
Banishing Blemishes
“Overall I found all the products just fantastic and I am so thankful that my skin is a lot better.” Alana, Brisbane, Australia (for more of Alana’s story, check out her ‘Before and After’ pictures here)

Manuka Honey Gel

I would just like to say how impressed I am with your “Manuka Honey Gel” – this has been a skin saver for me! For years I have suffered with severe acne and tried most of the pharmaceutical products available including dermatologist lead treatments, however neither were very successful. A year ago I purchased your manuka honey rescue  gel and I was completely blown away but how effective it is! Without a doubt it has been the best product I have EVER used for acne and I will continue to buy it. Thank you so much for giving me back my confidence and happiness. Charlotte, UK


Just like to say thank you for your wonderful products. I am a young 39 year old who has had acne problems since I can remember. Your products make my skin feel clean without drying them out like other problem skin products. I am just impressed with your beautiful products and would like to say thanks they have made me feel so much better about myself. I can’t wait to try more of your range. Yolande, NZ

Fuss free, beautiful products

I have used only natural products for the last 10 years and have used your product for 1 month now and it has resulted in a dramatic change in my skin. I have always had oily skin but as I’ve got older and developed some light wrinkles, products are either too heavy or creamy and my face shines by the afternoon. At first when I used living nature my skin broke out but I persisted and now my skin is blemish free, no shine in the afternoon and I often go without make up because I feel so comfortable in my skin. The flax firming serum also targets the fine lines. Living nature is fuss free beautiful products that delivers what they say. Thank you. Carmel, NZ

Wonderful for sensitive skin

I use most of Living Nature make up and body products……and love them……I cannot recommend them highly enough. The wonderful natural fragrances and the gentleness of the ingredients make them wonderful for my sensitive skin. Valerie, UK

Firming eye cream!

I’m only 21 and started to notice how under my eyes are darker and dry, I started to use this product and love it!
To know that it’s 100% natural on my skin and being such a sensitive area around the eye it’s worked wonders keeping my skin hydrated, brighter and makes me look fresh and awake! Love it.

Clear Lights Tinted Moisturizer

I have been using it for years now as my main foundation.  It is light, with just enough coverage to appear makeup less but it hides many imperfections as well. It’s perfect. Gena